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As an elderly gentleman, I feel it is my duty to suggest Across That Fine Line by Nation Of Language, as it sounds like every record reviewed in the Singles column in Smash Hits in, let's say, a fortnight in April, 1985,

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'Amazing' list.

A couple singles you missed:

Empress Of - 'Save Me' (the song, not the EP, which was disappointing)

Ethel Cain - 'American Teenager' (it has its "Official video", I think we can consider it single)

RAYE - 'Escapism (feat. 070 Shake)'

Caroline Polachek - 'Welcome To My Island'

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But where is Wolf by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs?

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I feel like Dragonatte - Slow Song / New Suit should be on here. But knowing my luck it prob came out 2019 and I only discovered it this year.

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Thank you, Peter!

Here is an Apple Music version for those who might be interested: https://music.apple.com/us/playlist/popjustice-top-45-singles-2022/pl.u-KzgJJILloN0

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Tremendous to have you back, I too genuinely look forward to the Popjustice end of year countdown. Amazing and thank you.

Can I tentatively suggest ‘Token’ by Dubstar. The final 45 secs is my favourite bit in a song for years. Heartbreaking and Incredible.

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Very solid list! Obvious additions for me would be:

Lonely - CMAT (or maybe Nashville if you count it as a single but honestly I don't think I would)

Hypnotized - Sophie Ellis-Bextor & Wuh Oh

We Own the Night - Sophie & the Giants

Billions - Caroline Polachek

So Typically Now - U.S. Girls

Highway to Your Heart - Lykke Li

Dilemma - Apink

Neon Lights - Loreen

2 Die 4 - Tove Lo

Lock&Key/Cuntradiction - Lolahol

Bad Dad/Hero Man - PVA

Night Moves - Lissie

Too many Röyksopp singles to count, but I think The Night would be my favourite

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Some honorable mentions imo:

"Persuasive" by Doechii

"Effigy" by Tom Aspaul

"Plan B" by Megan Thee Stallion

"Billions" by Caroline Polachek

"Free" by Florence + the Machine

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Black Mascara - Raye

Monotonia - Shakira

Let Them - Tom Aspaul

Hypnotized - Sophie Ellix Bextor

YoYo - Mika

Another Go Around - Beach House

Easy Lover - Ellie Goulding (the single version!)

Beach House - Carly Rae Jepsen

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Peter, it is a pleasure and a gift to receive your writing in my inbox and I look forward to this every year. I would gladly give you money for more. Now here's what you're wrong about, i.e. the songs you missed:

- Not much? I made it clear how I feel about "This Hell" during the Zoom that apparently shall not be named

- "Cate's Brother", but obviously the continental divide means I can't tell if you consider her cringe Over There

- Same with "Afraid to Feel", which I hear is omnipresent in the UK but still a mildly obscure banger here

- "Alex Turner" by Ginebras, who I want to scream at the entire world about so they do a world tour. This and "Ansiedad" are probably the best pair of singles of the year

- I know the CRJ record was largely viewed as a disappointment but I saw her tour stop here and I am once again Carlypilled. "Talking to Yourself" is among her top 5 singles

- "Call on Me" is the standout SG Lewis record and basically perfect

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Top of my listening list this year:

Hypnotized - Sophie E-B + Wuh-Oh

Ciao Ciao - La Rappresentante di Lista

Diva - La Rappresentante Di Lista

Ay Mama - Rigoberta Bandini ("Why are you so scared of our tits?")

My Gay Boyfriend Has A Boyfriend - Giulia

Taste So Good - Vincent, Hayley Kiyoko, MNEK and Kesha

Pre Madonna - Todrick Hall

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Shygirl - Firefly, Caroline Polachek - Welcome To My Island, Taylor Swift - Anti-Hero.

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Sunset by Caroline Polachek does take a long time to get to the OOOOOOOOO bit, so it was never going to be top 10 here, but that OOOOOOO bit is just ridiculous, it took me one listen (whilst smashed at a festival) to memorise it

Anti-Hero by Taylor Swift becomes top 10 for me when I realised that the line ‘it’s me, Hi!’ is funny and cute (whilst singing it with two my friend’s girlfriends, both of whom are fallible human beings like us all)

Us Lot - Murkage Dave, no joke this is just a beautiful song about friendship

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What you said about describing music – same. Having to write up a 'first listen' was my worst nightmare. Uptempo = 'urgent, relentless'. Ballad = 'emotional, gutsy'. Every time. Anyway, I enjoyed this, thank you; my suggestion would be 'Ciao Ciao' by La rappresente di lista, which I'm obsessed by despite hearing for the first time only a week ago.

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The correct #1 choice, there. Marvellous. I'd like to add something by Sigrid please (maybe the Griff collab?) and Cate's Brother off of Maisie Peters in the "make a 2020s version of Teenage Dirtbag" category.

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Can’t believe I’m the first person to point out that Aurora needs a song on this list. “Cure For Me”, anyone?

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